Sikhs condemn blasphemous film

Srinagar: APSCC, a representative body of Kashmir Sikhs, has strongly condemned the release of the film which has portrayed Islam in a very derogatory manner. In a statement, APSCC has demanded that such people should not be spared and new international laws should be passed to control such notorious acts.“In today’s social and democratic world, there is no place for abhorrence by movie makers or who try to provoke anti-religious sentiments by depicting counterfeit knowledge on sensitive religious issues and should be put behind bars”, statement said.

According to APSCC Chairman Jagmohan Singh Raina it was shokcing that the American government delayed the arrest of the filmmaker and is trying to protect him. He should have been put behind bars immediately for trying to hurt and provoke the religious sentiments of the Muslims all over the world.

“Eric Allen Bell, the director of the film, should be tried by the judicial authorities for such a demeaning act. We cannot tolerate disrespect to any religion and if we promote such unethical behaviour through media then, instead of peace we will only have bloodshed on roads, which we are witnessing even today.” Raina said All religions preach love, respect, tolerance and humanity. Even the teachings of Hazrat Mohammed (PBUH), Guru Nanak Dev Ji invoke us to follow the path of peace. Such derogatory act will not be tolerated as it can create havoc around the world.