Healthiest meal ever includes chicken, walnut

Researchers whittled 4,000 health claims down to 222 before creating the ultimate superdinner that includes salmon terrine, chicken casserole and

New phone app calculates when women may become infertile

A developer from US has created an app that calculates the day most women dread – when their biological clock

Lessons from India’s Partition

The partition of India led to slaughter, rape, and countless atrocities in the region; it further resulted in the Kashmir

Kashmir: The Other Side Of Struggle

Beyond criticism to government or any political party, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is defunct. What make it so

Tree -Hugging in Pak Kashmir

A new world record of tree hugging has been set by the nature admirers in a remote village in Pakistan

One year after Tufail Mattoo’s killing

Srinagar: It was a last homecoming for Tufail Ahmad Mattoo. Midway, he met death in its brutal avatar. A tear

Youngest IAS qualifier vows to fight corruption

Baramulla: Gulzar Wani, 23, who is the youngest of the six youth from Jammu and Kashmir to have cracked this

Baking soda cancer and fungus

The cancer industry is closing in on baking soda and beginning to do research in earnest about sodium bicarbonate and

Journalists boycott Assembly

Jammu: Media persons covering Jammu and Kashmir Assembly session here on Monday boycotted the proceedings today following Speaker Mohammad Akbar

Kashmir shawls inspire painting exhibition in UK

Leeds: Based on literary research and the Sir Michael Sadler Kashmir Shawl Collection at ULITA (University of Leeds International Textile